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The benefits of upcycling

We see this English word everywhere and you don't really know what it means?

Do not panic! Here is a simple and short topo of what upcycling is:

Upcycling or overcycling consists in using objects and materials intended to be thrown away to reintroduce them into the consumption chain, after having given them a value, a different use, an original destination compared to the one which was originally theirs.

It can be an old piece of furniture that is brought up to date or an everyday object that is given a new use, such as a chewing gum dispenser that is converted into a lamp.

As you will have understood, thanks to upcycling, there is therefore no limit to the imagination and what matters is reuse!

Moreover, upcycling holds an important place in the circular economy, thanks in particular to a sober and responsible consumption of existing natural resources.

And you, what's your favorite upcycling idea?
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